March 28, 2016

Autopity,seems to be what i am putting myself through. Came across a t shirt yesterday that read as autopity for my worrisome,overthinking brain. It set my thoughts racing on how our emotions colour our eyes to think and interpret what is not there. What is that makes us strong? Going through these episodes? Such episodes hammer you and make you stronger? How to translate and apply such learnings, if we can call them that, to another episode? No 2 episodes are the same in life. Life always throws up surprises and newer ways to test you. This is the all important query in my mind right now! Why do i have to put myself through the wringer like this? Where am i falling short? Where is my decisiveness? What is it that is keeping me from being this uber cool guy who can meet and greet any adversity? I could ramble on. By the way, that t shirt upon proper inspection read, authority!


The bar

January 9, 2016

Don’t Bar me, after reading this!

The bar, one image pops up! The fizz, the cheers, the drunken brawls, drawls and fisticuffs and the eventual throwing up. The cleaning bar comes out, along with the crow bar, nothing to crow about here! A definite case for a barbiturate!
The drunken mess leads to the bar, where the bars await, thanks to the barrister in charge!
The bar conjures up memories of fur Elise, alla turca and the 4 seasons. The bar was set really high with these melodies. These are my favorites bar none! Those who play these bars, rank high and deserve a Barbie doll as a present!
Sometimes we hit a sand bar in our life, so, just start a barbeque and find your baritone voice and start singing! When life throws a bar, make barbeque!
Exercising those vocal chords does mean you lift the vocal barbell high, never mind the barbs thrown at you! Never Barber your thoughts and actions to fit the barbwires and barks that are ready to surround you! Just be the bark, peel off and grow another layer! Don’t be called a barbate, if not!
Barf at thoughts that push you to bargain for what you stand for! Barge ahead, cast away the barnacles and set the barometer high! Baronet them out of the barracks! Barrel roll them away!
No one is going to offer a barathea to soothe you! Just take it barefaced, barefoot it and ride it bareback! The barrage is not, never ending, it will end. There is always a barge waiting to take you out of the barren space you find yourself in! Just be a barracuda!
Words and the bard are inseparable. “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life, is rounded with a sleep.”
Pick up a barley ale and toast or just bar the bar and snuggle up with a chocolate bar! Good night! #pillowgyan

The Shout

December 17, 2015

The cab driver was always grumpy. Nobody knew why. It all started on the day he made an idiotic decision to cut across a bus to get to his next ride as fast as he could flouting the signal. His headache was getting worse as if someone was shouting at him all the time.

The bike rider was going home from the office on his bike. It was 10 30 pm. The signal at the intersection, about 5 km from home, turned green and he was beside a bus. He moved along with the bus. Suddenly, as is their wont, a call taxi idiot cut across the bus and since he was blindsided on his bike, he had to brake all of a sudden and crashed into the cab and fell in front of the bus. Thankfully the bus had started moving just then and was able to brake before his head became a sickening bump.

He got up really pissed off and looked around for the cab. The cab driver was stunned momentarily because of his foolhardiness and had just about recovered his senses. He was trying to flee. The passerby and the fellow traffic sufferers gave chase and blocked the cab. They surrounded it and dragged the driver out and started to give him a good beating. He also joined in and went into the crowd and gave his share.

Satisfied he came out of the crowd and looked around for his bike. Relief! It was parked safely on the side of the road by a good soul. He dusted himself off and went to his bike and attempted to start it. However much he kicked or pushed the start button it just didn’t come to life. There was no reaction from his bike. Frustrated, he looked around for help and there were many who came to his bike. They too tried their best. It just would not start.

They then pushed it to a nearby puncture shop and asked that guy there to take care of it for the night. He was relieved. Someone had called an ambulance just in case. The ambulance arrived and inspected him. In spite of his protestations, they bundled him onto the ambulance. He pushed them and pulled himself away to no avail. Finally, somehow he got out of their clutches and jumped out of the van with anger as he was delayed already and his bike was damaged. He wanted to have a go at the cab driver again. The bike rider found the cab driver and started shouting. But, the cabbie was too weak from all the beatings and just didn’t take notice. Frustrated he turned towards the ambulance to pull someone from the crowd to help him. That’s when he saw his lifeless body being inspected by the doctors and the crowd surrounding it. He started shouting at the cab driver.



Back again ….and again…

September 29, 2010

Well….here I am back again! After Jan 2009 …I tried to post something in Feb…nothing happened.

So, after a self-imposed lazy break…I thought I should blog again. Maybe for now…now that many thoughts are running through my mind.

Well….to catch up….Got a job in Shell Business Services Center, Chennai in Feb 2009, just when I was about to be without a job from Feb 10, 2009!

Had to take a job cos it was in Chennai and my parents were looking to get me married. To be married, you need to be a person working in a “good”, “reputable”, “well-Known”, company! Shell was just that! Will look good on my resume! After shelling out about Rs.25 K to all the Matrimonial websites, I met her at an informal gathering in front of a temple. Somehow, I said yes!….Then she came with her parents to “Paiyan-Pathufy” me!….I am not for this “Ponnu – Parthing”!….But, it had to be formalised in a formal way, so they came to my house and she also said yes! She still doesn’t know why she did that!

The reasons being, I have big eyes, A mush!, was not talkative…and the only thing going for me , as per her recollection, was that I looked good as an overall package!

In between, before I met her, I was sent to Prague in March to April 2009 for migrating the Slovakian reporting process to Chennai. Man, stuff of dreams! Had read and seen so much about Prague in the books and TV respectively. Got the opportunity to be there for 34 days! Explored every bit of it..went on to explore some castles and Churches around Prague.

In between , the Easter holidays were a blessing for me to visit Paris!!!! Yes Paris! went there all alone! Why the lament? Well , when I was on the cruise boat on the Seine, I felt the need for a companion for the first time , especially when the guide announced that couples Kiss beneath a particular bridge we were passing under and I all those around me were couples and Kissing!!!! I was the lone man out , literally!!!! That was not the cause…but Paris as a whole is definitely romantic…even with the traffic and the nose in the air attitude of the Parisians!

I learnt a few phrases of French to be on the safer side as I read that they would not respond to English as a rule. So I would go “Excuze moa Monsieur…Parle vous anglais?”…if they said “non”…I would move on after a “Merci”…or if they said “oui” , I would then switch to “Anglais”!…

Had 2.5 days to myself and spent half of it in the Louvre!….It was a defining moment for me as I saw in person what I had read about and saw in pictures! I was almost in tears! Didnt know why!!!

Got engaged on June 3 2009…with the marriage on Oct 21 2009. Allowed us to know each other better!….the marriage went off fantastically! Man what food I had! awesome! Aish if you are reading this let’s get married again…just for the food!

All my dear friends came in! Thanks to all of them! (All my friends are dear to me!)

Some came even without me inviting them in the proper manner of sending a card thru email or in person…just cos they liked me! (I like to think that is the reason…or it could just cos they wanted to see me in “Bond”!) Hats off to them. I love you guys and gals!

Went on to fulfill the family tradition of visiting all the older ones who could not make it to the wedding and on to our Family temple (Kuladheivam) in Tirunelveli . Then on to Guruvayoor…another Reception in Coimbatore!…Man I loved the attention! I wish I had more receptions and the photos!!! Hehe!

Eventually managed to go on a HM to Kodaikkanal,but then the calmness was too much for us and had to come back to Madurai for the chaos! We loved the chaos…and realised how much of a city animal we had become!

Then the new year came and went…lost touch with all my friends…my letharginess to blame! but you are all so large-hearted that you guys still remember me! (tears!)

Aish went off on a transition project to Birmingham UK!….I had the money mercifully to go on that trip on a 10 day joust!  Man I loved it there! met relatives whom I had heard and not seen ever! Kadambari and Santhosh and the kids were lovely! Then Sumathi Akka whom I had met long back and her 3 kids and Dr. Ganesh (Mr. Sumathi)…lovely time!

Then the frustrations at my job started to grow on me….reflects on the personal life too! The frustrations are still there! Have to find a way out of it! Get a new job…

Bought a house Feb 2010…Pallikaranai…yet to invite my friends to it….got it decorated with woodwork from the internet! man it crossed my budget many times over…but am happy!

Enough for now….have to pick up my thoughts and spray them in other blogs…


2005 commentary…

January 30, 2009

I wrote this one in 2005 as a comment in a blog. So I guess I will use it as a post 🙂  :


Was just watching Malgudi Days on POGO along with my friends. So all you Malgudi Fans start watching POGO! That set us talking about the good ol’ days of yore! I would like to add Mungeri Lal ke Haseen Sapne, Vikram aur Betal (which had our “Lord Rama” as Vikram!) and even before that Didi’s comedy Show, Spiderman and later the Science Quiz Programs along with Science Quest.
Those were really good ones. Of course Fauji, which launched King Shah Rukh!
Remember those days when DD would telecast regional language films and we could get to see all those “Award?” winning films?
DD also used to telecast really good movies late in the night whenever there was a film festival happenning anywhere!
How about Surabhi with the cheerful Renuka Sahane and the “big” man Siddharth Kak? This show also set a world record or something by receiving over 10 lakh answers for an episode I believe!
Thanks a lot for stirring up good cheerful nostalgia!
I miss those days!

The Wait….

January 29, 2009

I am writing this on a completely different note from my previous post. Which was a crazy journey into what my muddled mind was thinking….the neurons firing (mis-firing?) simultaneously and forming crazy connections and as a resuly crazy results on the post!

Ever since the Americans bit us and made us bite the dust…I am referring to the loss of my team and jobs at my present “job”….(in quotes as it is alive till Feb 10th!)…I have been going through a multitude of emotions…ranging from …”Ok…I now can look at newer opportunities that may be better than what am in “…to plain downright sadness of losing a well formed team that I had spent 18-20 hours a day working for 1.5 years to shape and create!…It is like “Vennai thirandu varum podhu paanaiya udaikkaradu”…(The pot being broken at the time when the butter is about to form).

The feeling is akin to Anjelina Jolie’s character where she loses her son….I have lost my children! my team I mean!…ok me getting out of this now.

The repercussions have been the entire team who were hand picked and trained extensively coming out into the market enmasse!…Their worth is demonstrated by the fact that almost all of them were lappped up by the companies within 2 weeks of them coming out and for some even before they came out! I say almost as a colleague and I are still on the market waiting to be picked up!!!!

One common thing I have been experiencing now-a -days is the stereotypical questions that are asked by the HR and the recruiting agencies. In the past the salary was usually asked at the end of the initial call….now…the first question is , even before they ask if we are ready to move to a new job , “How much is your current CTC?”.

If the answer to that is on the higher side..the call is immediately terminated…”Oh ok…I will give you a call later sir”!!!! . The company’s name, the nature of the job are not even discussed after the intial block on the salary!…Is there a coonspiracy going on where the companies select some for the same post and pick the lowest paid indeference to their skills?…hmmm I think in my case it is!!!!

end of post for now…I will add more….

Hello world!

January 15, 2009

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

OK, thats how my first blog starts (after a looooong gap)! WOrdpress gave me my first words, sentence and a start!….of course a “heading”….so that I could be “heading” the right way? WHich reminds me of something one of my friends used to ask when he was driving and looking for directions….I have to turn left , right?( BTW he never said I have to turn Left, left?….It would have given me a chance to say u left left? – got it?…if not you could contact me after taking a right and left …right?) ok…coming back….so I used to say…decide dude! still he would say the same thing!….so I am going to say…”heading” the correct way?….but it doesn’t sound quite right!…(there I go again!)….ok I can go on about this and make it a drag!….

One thing that stuck me while I was browsing the blogs of my friends is the word “Digress”….The Dictionary.com website  gives the following meaning …

digress  –verb (used without object)

So it is a verb used without object! so do the bloggers use it without any object? well I object to that!….ok now that I have digressed from what I started I can digress again to get to the right (correct?) path… 🙂 Wanted to digress so I put in this little digression!

Oh….please do ask me why I chose MNA Puncheon!!!!…please please do!!!…anyway I cannot wait for the questions….’cos I might digress and turn left(ist?) …right?

Instead of MNA Log….which sounds archaic…I wanted something that will make you digress! So I chose puncheon!….it just means (again Dictionary.com… heavy slab of timber, roughly dressed, for use as a floorboard. SO I thought…looks and sounds close enough to a log…so I chose this! anyway it is from a log that you get the  heavy slab of timber, roughly dressed, for use as a floorboard! Right? (correct?)

A puncheon also means any of various pointed instruments; a punch…so you are requested to pull all your punches and pointed instruments…AWAY..from me! It also means a cask that can hold about 80 gallons…You are welcome to put me in that and roll me over the Niagra! I will have its measure (BTW thats also a meaning for that word!)

OK, coming back to my first post…now lets have a “here I digress moment”..imagine….we have come a full circle…I am referring to the word post!.. My grandfather who was an ardent letter writer (to all relatives and friends) used to say Internet is going to kill the art of writing and post will be obsolete!…but here we are posting away! If only he were to be here….he would have been a very active blogger! (Grandpa read this in heaven…hope you get the signals!!….of course he will ‘cos the satellites are so close by!) see..I digressed from the digress moment onto another digression? sounds really close to a depression?

So fiends (wanted to correct the spelling…but left it at that…’cos you will be fiends and not friends by now!) if you do happen to reach this sentence…it just means you have so much patience that you are rivalling Buddha!…you have so much time to kill that you will read this and try to kill me….you have digressed from what you were doing and have gone into a depression and thinking how to push me into one!!! (get it?….depression…depression? you are freee to ask me …I will be glad to explain!)

Oh I have to thank Archie who awarded me so that I could start posting!…see I am so good that she awarded me before I started! or may be so that I should not?…hmmm thats digressing! oh…a digress here…Archie asked me why I was sitting on the floor at Bhargavi‘s place….and I said …Archie…I am a “Down to earth “, person…(Archie dont chew me out! we already chewed a lot that day!)

oh oh…I also have to thank Apar…(who I explain is short for “Beyond Par” – not the par in golf…par is just level…she is beyond level!…oh does it make her “unlevel”? I think not…Ill stop here…’too much digression!) who was after me to blog! (bpuncheon?)

ok….now am wondering how to go about making an award that wont put me in a ward! (oh! am good!)

Disclaimer :This post cannot be considered as a precursor to the ones I am planning to post!) BTW….I raise the question…we are all posting away…does it make us postpeople? (postmen/women)…or people of letters? Letter people?

POstpeople? hmmm…so post=after, after people what are we? souls?…but isnt that like, a soul is inside us? making us “before” people…ok,ill stop here…’cos am too deep for myself!

All the best folks…I really pity you! Does this post end abruptly? of course it does….so now…